Tree Folk Farm


Shiitake Mushrooms

The velvety spongy caps have a strong woodsy, meaty flavor when cooked.

Blue Oyster Mushrooms

Clustered together, they look like a floral bouquet. They add a desirable fleshy texture to dishes. Their shelf-life is short, so use them quickly.

King Trumpet Mushrooms (cold season only)

Thick edible stems are firm and very meaty when cooked. Seasonal mushroom offered only during the cold growing season.

Brown Oyster Mushrooms

Clustered with thick edible stems. These brown oyster mushrooms are sometimes called Italian Oyster. Their texture is firm yet not as thick as King Trumpet mushrooms.

Lion's Mane Mushrooms

Fluffy and white, this mushroom holds its density and shape well when cooked. The texture is very similar to lobster, but with an earthy flavor.

Elm Oyster Mushrooms

White firm oyster mushrooms that stay fresh and may even regrow in their containers. These mushrooms are great cooked in many different applications.

Pink Oyster Mushrooms (warm season only)

Very firm oyster mushrooms that are bright pink. These mushrooms have a shorter shelf life and make a great imitation bacon.

Golden Oyster Mushrooms (warm season only)

Bright yellow oyster mushrooms that can eaisly crumble into soups or pan fries. They have a nutty mushroom flavor.